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South Central Kansas Mustang Club 

July 16, 2016 we had our very first Funkhana and it was a total blast!  
We extend a HUGE thank you to the Newton Airport for hosting this event and to our Vice President, Micheal K, for organizing our "Big Kahuna-hana Funkhana"!  We had a Hawaiian theme and everyone wore their Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, flowers, and leis.  The costume winner was our own Mark and Lynn T - what a lovely bunch of coconuts! 

Funkhana is a word derived in part from gymkhana, a term referring to a race over a defined circuit with obstacles either by horseback or at the wheel of a sports car. The British favor the word gymkhana for events often conducted on a grass field, while the American equivalent called autocross consists of a course delineated by orange safety cones over the expanse of a parking lot. There are other spellings for this pastime, such as funkana or even funcana, but most people include the “h” to signify the derivation from gymkhana.

Funkhanas are low-speed, light-hearted competitions conducted by car clubs that are a test of dexterity and patience.
Each team, composed of a driver and passenger, must complete tasks — often centered around a theme — that involve car handling, teamwork and especially a sense of humor. There are no official rules, the only requirements being that the event is good-natured, low-speed, safe and not hard on the cars.
Funkhana challenges ranged from sophisticated to silly. Our co-pilots tried to knock over pineapple sippy cups with finger flinging darts, tossed wiffle balls off of a Tiki Mask into buckets,  did a slalom with a 180 at the end, and tossed mini tennis balls into a tub of solo cups adorned with different point values. Teams were graded by a combination of time, accuracy, and points. By including an element of luck, everyone had a good chance of winning. . . or screwing up.